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Elementary Algebra MAT 0028 (formerly MAT 0024)
(Online Course or Textbook)

This is an instruction system for a second course in Algebra. It is designed for students in grades 8 and above with the knowledge contained in a Beginning Algebra course. The content includes: graphing on the xy-plane, the use of integer exponents, operations on polynomials, and solving quadratic equations.

Every objective is thoroughly explained and developed. Numerous examples illustrate concepts and procedures. Students are encouraged to work through partial examples. Each unit ends with an exercise specifically designed to evaluate the extent to which the objectives have been learned. The student is always informed of any skills that were not mastered.

The instruction depends only upon reasonable reading skills and conscientious study habits. With those skills and attitudes, the student is assured a successful math learning experience.

Placement Test

Table of Contents


Online Instruction Sample (Chapter 2)

Textbook - Sample Pages (view over 32 pages)

Textbook - Preface

Textbook - Directions to Student


Online Instruction:
Elementary Algebra, An Individualized Approach

Includes: online instruction, 24-hour email mentoring help, money-back guarantee

Elementary Algebra, An Individualized Approach
$55.25, 543 pages, ISBN 0-943202-84-1, ©2005

Includes: Textbook, money-back guarantee


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